Panera's Scrabble Night

Players' Ratings

Current through games played on 5/15/18

Top Players This Week:

Camille (3-0, +18);   Steve L.2 (1-0, +14);   Bernie (1-0, +14)

Subscripts indicate the number of consecutive weeks the player has been on the Top Players list.


We had 9 players for week # 353 at Panera Bread in West Babylon.


Every Tuesday is now 4:00 p.m.


Number of earlybirds this past Tuesday:  

Trivia ONLY night at Bagel Boss in Hicksville is

this Friday, May 18, at 7pm

432 S Oyster Bay Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801

With trivia starting around 7:00-7:30


Highlights of the day: #1:    For the first time, Haven was the first to arrive, and the last to leave.      #2:     We met a new manager at Panera.    #3:    Why were the first two seemingly un-highlight-worthy points listed? Because there is barely anything to report. Our one highlight was NO light! Around 6:30, the lights went out, and Panera had to close early. We finished games in progress, and left around 7pm.     #4:   Steve S. didn't even have a chance to play one game before the place went dark.      #5:    Special trivia night this Friday.  No scrabble before trivia.  First game starts around 7 or 7:30.  We will play 3 rounds.

This week's Top Bingos are...





Around the middle of January, 2012, it occurred to me that I should probably save our TOP BINGOS on an ongoing basis.  So from now on, when you have a word put on that list, it will be findable in this EXCEL spreadsheet:

Past Top Bingos From 1/17/12 on

"Whine List"... (best unplayable bingos)

Who had time to whine before the lights went out?


...(Please remember to report these things)

The most interesting non-bingo words reported were:


CRORES2, AIVER (Marie);   TOMBOY (Haven)




Links To Cheat Sheets

Here's a link to a new cheat sheet for OWL3.  It's an unofficial cheat sheet, so there may be an error or two on it (such as missing words).  The link is a PDF file.  When you click it, the file will open.  You will find icons, probably at the top right of the page, that will allow you to either print or download the file. OWL3_Cheat_Sheet  
Here is a link to the new Official Cheat Sheet: 
Here is a link to the new Official Cheat Sheet that highlights the NEW words in RED:  
You can enter to win a free lifetime subscription to WordBuff's non-free stuff. They provide picture books of odd scrabble words. Here's a link to enter: 
Words added to OWL3 effective September 1, 2016

(All players started at a 1000 rating on 1/15/08, or on the date they first played if they started later.)

Players Listed Alphabetically

Agnes 1761
Al 1179
Alexandra 1166
Andrea 997
Anne 1067
Barbara D. 1233
Barbara H. 980
Barbara I. 911
Bernie 1655
Bob 1688
Chris 1408
Colleen 1620
Dan Kn. 1320
Dave 1649
Debbie 1512
Diane 1502
Don 759
Donna J. 1002
Eileen 1409
Elizabeth 1288
Elston 1321
Emily B. 823
Flo 1210
Frank 1815
Gene 1280
George 1322
Ginger 1104
Harolyn 1041
Haven 1549
Helene 1303
Janet 1260
Jay S. 1532
Jay W. 1312
Jeff 1283
Jess 1609
Jim 1487
Joan 1370
John W. 1257
Jon 1782
Jule 1023
Karol 1460
Kia 1635
Kris 993
Kyle 1462
Larry 1011
Lorrie 900
Lu 1166
Margaret H. 1152
Marie 1638
Marjorie 1806
Matt 1747
Mel 1222
Nick 1447
Pat 1243
Pete 1782
Phyllis 1104
Ray 1349
Ray L. 965
Rob 1913
Robin 1000
Rosemarie 1112
Sam 1231
Sarah 902
Sharon F. 1082
Sharon S. 967
Sherry 786
Steve L. 1433
Steve S. 1602
Susan 1029
Ted 993
Tim 1067
Tom 1244

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Top 20 Standings
Rob 1913
Frank 1815
Marjorie 1806
Jon 1782
Pete 1782
Agnes 1761
Matt 1747
Bob 1688
Bernie 1655
Dave 1649
Marie 1638
Kia 1635
Colleen 1620
Jess 1609
Steve S. 1602
Haven 1549
Jay S. 1532
Debbie 1512
Diane 1502
Jim 1487

Players advancing in the Top 20 this week

 (# of positions gained in parentheses)

Bernie (2)

*indicates that the player advanced in position without being in attendance.


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